1st class
1.the best, finest, or highest class, grade, or rank.

These two extraordinary young men, different in a lots of way, but driven by their own ambition and determination, but sharing the same passion... for the love of music. Jet$on and 1UP, a combination well deserver to be called 1st Class. These young men have teamed up with John Moise Of Momusic Entertainment to take their talent and love for music to the next level. In their own words they define their well being and love for music.

1 UP, I am originally from the Bronx in New York but when I reached middle school, I moved to Florida to live with my mother. 1 up has a lot of meanings because I’m influenced by everyone I interact with. One universal person, One under pressure, One underrated person, I go by many names. I feel like I am one of the greatest you ever see, bringing it to you 1st Class style.
The Reason I do music? I do music to escape my stress among other things. In rap I’ve found some kind of refuge, even though I write and rhyme the truth, my songs over the past year has become a major release for me. I can't live without my music now, I need that form of self expression and attention to keep me sane. So I guess as a rapper I'm just trying to convey my thoughts, feelings and experiences, the best way I can and hope you like it as much as I do. To ask me why I do music is like asking why do birds have wings or fish have gills.

Jet$on, Who am I?, is the hardest question to answer for me. As far as my personality goes, I think a lot of the people around me would call me different. But for me,  I’m still finding out who I am through my music and through life in general. When I was younger I was always known as being different, and I was always ashamed of that, but as I mature I find that there are a lot of positives to being different, and especially in music. Me being different also helps me follow my two rules in making music; “Be Yourself And Be Original.”
The Reason I Do music?  The reason I do music changes just about every time I go back to the studio; one day my drive may be to silence my haters, another day my inspiration maybe getting my mom out of the “hill to the hills” (Lauderhill, Fl to Beverly Hills, Calif.) , another reason maybe just the urge to live the American dream. But there is one thing i’m certain about is that I love what i do.

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